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Blister Pack Clock

The packaging materials, in general, are very convenient while in transportation and distribution, but mostly thrown away immediately after its use. We're challenging to make the product using a blister pack process, that would not be easily thrown away. Blister Pack Clock employs interdigitation technology which had been developed in the food packaging industry, and can be assembled without any screw or glue.

Blister Pack Clock
collaborated by Rebirth Project


Blister Pack Clock [L]


Blister Pack Clock [S]


Blister Pack Frame


Blister Pack Mirror Frame


Natural Indigo Handkerchief


Natural Indigo Travel Scarf


Water drop Glass Plate



Integration of technology and an idea creates new products and values.

From 2013, Yokohama City has been developing a project which promotes new product development by multiplying technological competence of companies in Yokohama by the creators’ ideas. It is a model, creative industrial development project.